Model Making – SUWOlympics

(Hallam Sinfonia has kindly offered to host these videos on hehalf of our good friends at Sheffield University Wind Orchestra, but is not responsible for their content, or the therapy needed after viewing them)

Democratic Republic of Garethina

The inebriated ensemble ventures onto the streets of Liege ready to take on the night with fervent energy and stomachs full of beer. From the pot au lait to le Déluge they purchased many a pint and spirit to aid them on their journey.
From rising dancefloors and rooftop raves to swapping shirts in le can can's caves they partied with soul and poor coordination into the early hours.

It was then that Gareth the wise, noted that the concert that same day would be ruined with raging headaches soon to follow and performed one of his miracles.
From his pocket he produced his Coral Monzo and said to the Monsieur behind the bar "15 shots" and with nothing more than a nod the Monsieur produced the purging decoctions.

He beckoned us over to consume the free beverages which the ensemble gladly indulged.

Soon the metamorphosis occurred, the purge had begun.

Members vacated le can can onto the streets and released the evenings consumptions onto the street. The floor coated in gallons of cherry Kriek yet to taint the minds of the wind players.

Many called it a night and decided to go home, safe from the destructive powers of Liege's tipples

(real version: They were too drunk. I bought a vodka to flush them out so they could play the next day. Wise investment)

Quarantini Martini


Here are two members of quarantini martini enjoying a post-rehearsal, post-interval, bar one game of pool and Latham is of course providing the 50p for the table.

Spirit of the Tequila


Team Spirit of the Tequila’s bottle SUWO rehearsal. We may have turned to drink throughout lockdown, but our drinks have turned to SUWO!

Syncopated Swimmers

The Syncopated Swimmers are back with SUWO's ultimate sporting rivalry in model form! Gaze upon Gareth reaching out in anguish as Kris crosses the line far in front of him...

(Real story: we ran to raise money for tour. On the first Park Run, I came in first out of everyone, but Kris (trombone) was keen to beat my time, and did)

The Windsurfers

The Windsurfers present a recreation of a classic Suwo night out 🍻 tag your favourite in the comments xx

BadminTony Houghton

For BadminTony Houghton’s model of SUWO, I’ve made a replica of our glorious golden tour bus from last year’s tour, with some lil people carrying that timpani back and forth from the trailer to the hostel each day

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