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About Hallam Sinfonia

2024 marks the beginning of the next 50 years for Hallam Sinfonia! After our year-long 50th anniversary celebrations, which ended with our first concert since his appointment under our new Musical Director Jon Malaxetxebarria, not to mention birthday cake, we are looking forward to many more fruitful experiences with Jon.


Set up as a small chamber orchestra, as our founder members reminded us last year, our repertoire nowadays extends from the baroque to the 21st century, including large-scale romantic works, and from the mainstream classics to film music and children’s concerts.

We also enjoy collaborations: this year’s include a Muse tribute concert with Newland Symphonic Pop and a Concerteenies concert with Polly Ives. We are delighted to be working with both of these again and to be reaching out to families and children and to new audiences.

One of our ventures, Passenger Seats, involves some of the audience sitting amongst the orchestra and experiencing the music from within. We started these in 2015 and are delighted to have resumed them last year. The concerts are popular with families, but not all the passengers are children! This year’s will be on the theme of Fairy Tales, with guest conductor Ellie Slorach.

Over the years the Hallam Sinfonia has worked with many distinguished soloists, including members of Ensemble 360. Following the Beethoven Triple Concerto with the Leonore Trio in 2022, we are now very much looking forward to working with their cellist, Gemma Rosefield, in 2025, as part of the next Classical Sheffield festival weekend.

We rehearse at High Storrs School, where we give many of our concerts. Rehearsals are on Thursdays and Fridays, in blocks, usually during the three weeks before the concert. Players interested in joining us are welcome to make enquiries. Although we may not have a vacancy we are always interested in knowing who’s out there!

We are always interested to hear from potential new players. If you're interested in playing with us, please email

Hallam Sinfonia is proud to be a member ensemble of Classical Sheffield. 

Classical Sheffield aims to bring together all of the classical music being made here in Sheffield and the people making it happen as we do our best to share it with the rest of the city. Sheffield is home to a wealth of talented orchestras, a variety of choirs, aspiring soloists, conductors, composers and everything in between and it is only here where you will find it all in one place. They have already held three hugely successful city-wide Classical Weekend Festivals and have introduced classical music to thousands of new audience members.

See more about Classical Sheffield on their website...


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