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Happy Melancholy

In 2019, Matthew Leese approached Hallam Sinfonia to make a recording of one of his compositions – Happy Melancholy. A global pandemic later, we were able to schedule a recording session in January 2022 with conductor, George Morton

Matthew Leese is a 45-year old amateur composer who lives in Sheffield. He studied music at

university, works as an accountant, and plays viola with the Endcliffe Orchestra.

Matt says his composing speciality is "tunes... but I initially found it a challenge to convert my tunes into complete pieces, and it took until I was in my mid-30s to produce my first orchestral work, Happy Melancholy"

The piece was premiered by the Endcliffe Orchestra in 2016, and followed in 2018 by Matthew’s Easy Piano Concerto, with Matthew himself at the piano. His next work, a piano trio, is nearing completion. 

The experience was a rewarding one. Matt says ‘I am delighted with the excellent performance, George Morton's interpretation of the piece, and the recording sound quality’, while players appreciated being together again, enjoyed the big tunes, and felt very satisfied with the end result.



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