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What's it like to sit inside the orchestra as an audience member?

Today's Fairy Tales concert is a "passenger seats" one - where audience members can sit within the orchestra if they like. But what is this like as a member of the audience? Three youngsters who have been to these concerts before share their experiences!

Seb, aged 14, writes:

I have been to the Passenger Seats concert twice now. The first time was a few years ago and I sat really close to the percussion as I wanted to see them using all the different instruments. It was great to see them moving around to pick up different instruments and still keep in time with the music. I also loved hearing the horns close up too as they were able to play gently but also really loudly! 
Last year I sat closer to the trombones as I had started playing the trombone myself. I also got to hear the double basses and the cellos really well. The music was all about nature and I liked the photos and the poetry that went in between the music. They helped me understand the music better. My favourite one was the violin solo piece as it was so beautiful, but also really impressive.

11-year-old Cheng-Xi said:

Last Summer , I went to watch my music teacher play the beautiful piece, Lark Ascending by Vaughan Williams.
The concert was based around pieces of music linked with the countryside. It was interesting to hear the pieces from different eras and of different styles.  
I immensely enjoyed it and it was a really good experience to go to Victoria Hall. I sat in with the orchestra and next to the harps and the timpani. It was really interesting to see how the harps and timpani can tune and change tone. I enjoyed playing the timpani!

Seth, who is 17, is a veteran of several passenger seats concerts. He offered this insight:

The passenger seats concerts offered up a completely unique experience for me. Despite playing in orchestras regularly, it gave me a completely fresh perspective on what listening to an orchestra is like, helping me really experience the music. It makes you feel like you are under its skin in a way.

Why not see how you feel about it? Come along this evening - see here for details!



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