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Come and play...

Joining in is the keynote at Music in the Round’s Come and Play event, taking place on the afternoon of 22nd March.

Ensemble 360 players and the Hallam Sinfonia will be joined by players of all standards, some of whom will be using specially adapted parts produced by the BBC’s Ten Pieces’ Andrew J. Smith. These parts will enable even beginners on their instrument to take part, as long as they have some experience of playing in a large group.

Hallam Sinfonia will provide not only the core orchestra but also support to groups of players on the adapted parts. The main focus will be the first movement of the symphony and there will be an informal performance at the end of the afternoon. More information can be obtained from Music in the Round and would-be participants can register at at a cost of £5. However they will have to be quick, and play the right instruments, as most of the 80 places available have already been filled and no more violinists, cellists, clarinettists or percussion players can be accepted.



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