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Muse: A Symphonic Tribute

Hallam Sinfonia and Newland Symphonic Pop cannot wait to rock out together once again on 21 January 2024, paying tribute to one of the most exciting rock bands of our times - Muse.

The director of Newland Symphonic Pop, Matthew Moore, says:

"When Wiltshire Youth Orchestra performed a concert of Rat Pack songs with the guy from some opera boy band, I became obsessed with the idea of combining the orchestra with various genres of ‘Popular’ music. Ten years later, when everything stopped for lockdown, some emails were sent and Newland Symphonic Pop was formed. Our previous concerts have included themes such as Rock, Pop, Big-Band and Love Songs.

"For our 2021 ‘Swing into Christmas’ concert, the biggest we have ever put on, we wanted the best possible orchestra we could find and so were delighted that Hallam Sinfonia agreed to join us. It must be said they absolutely smashed it on the night and for our January concert at Sheffield City Hall (Ballroom) it was a no brainer to get them back.

"On 21 January we are performing our Symphonic Tribute to Muse, whose music is so Symphonic anyway it makes perfect sense to add an orchestra. We have 8 fantastic singers from local groups including Opera on Location, Woodseats MTC and Splinters MTC, a four piece rock band of local pro-pit players and, of course, a 25 piece orchestra of Hallam Sinfonia players. With a playlist including hits like Knights of Cydonia and Uprising balanced with deeper dives like the Exogenesis Symphony, this will be a fantastic night for both casual and hardcore Musers."

Tickets for ‘Muse: A Symphonic Tribute’ are available via the Sheffield City Hall website now.



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