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Mahler 2 Listening Guide

Ahead of our performance of Mahler's second symphony ("Resurrection") on Sunday 19 March, one of our cellists, Benjamin Jackson, has written a guide to help people understand the music a bit better - particularly for those who are less familiar with Mahler, or symphonic music in general.

Benjamin's guide can be found by clicking here. We hope it will provide a nice counterpart to some of the more in-depth writing about the piece, including the series of blogs by Classicalexburns.

Benjamin writes by way of introduction to the guide:

Mahler’s second symphony is a wonderful piece - to be able to play in such an amazing event is such a privilege. As a music teacher, I really wanted to share this experience with as many students as possible, so have written an overview to help guide people through the music and give pointers to listen out for. The piece is unusually long (and all the better for it!) so I thought it would be useful to have something to refer back to. I hope this helps not just music students but others too, especially if you’re relatively new to the piece or listening to orchestral and choral music.

Our performance of Mahler's Resurrection Symphony (along with the Sheffield Philharmonic Orchestra, Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus and Hallam Choral Society) will be at Sheffield City Hall at 19.00 on Sunday 19 March. George Morton is the conductor, and Richard Laing the assistant conductor; Ella Taylor (soprano) and Anna Harvey (mezzo-soprano) are the soloists. Tickets can be purchased here.



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