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Get closer to the music - in a Passenger Seat!

Passenger Seats is back! For the first time since before the pandemic. This unique listening experience allows some of the audience to sit in amongst the players, in the middle of the orchestra sound, providing a completely new perspective on the concert experience. With seats spread out throughout the orchestra, you can choose where to sit – whether enjoying the rumble of the double-basses, the thrilling sound of the trumpets, or maybe the excitement of not knowing when the percussion will burst into action!

The theme of ‘the Natural World’ is an attractive one, offering a wide range of music including that perennial favourite, Vaughan Williams’s Lark Ascending, featuring Hallam Sinfonia’s very own Hannah Thompson Smith. Geographically the programme ranges widely; it also includes music by composers from Norway, Sweden and Denmark (though the latter is visiting the Mediterranean), one from France, and two from the Czech lands.

The afternoon concert is specially designed to appeal to younger children and families, and will last less than an hour. A narrator will set the scene for each piece of music (short excerpts from the longer works) and include nature poems complementing the musical titles, while in the background a slide show of photos of the natural world (taken by a member of the orchestra) will play. Tickets for this concert are just £6 for adults, and £2 for children/students, or £12 for a whole family!

Some of these ‘extras’ will also feature in the evening concert (tickets £12/£4), but the focus there will be on the musical experience. Come along and enjoy a journey around Europe, through the seasons, across the sea, down the river, and up into the heavens with the lark.



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